The Public Philosophy Journal

The Public Philosophy Journal (PPJ) is dedicated to the promotion and creation of publicly accessible and relevant scholarship, and to establishing an online forum for discourse between the public and scholars surrounding topics of current relevance. The research published in the PPJ is distinctively accessible to, relevant for, and shaped by the public through our innovative review process, which engages members of the community and academia collaboratively in pre-publication development of content. Rather than simply making academic scholarship public, the PPJ aims to cultivate scholarship that reaches existing communities to enhance and forward scholarly development through shared ideas.

The Journal

Before appearing in the PPJ, publications move through our dual-channel developmental review process, in which a community reviewer and an academic reviewer provide feedback to authors and shape the content for an audience of public philosophers. The community reviewer ensures the accessibility of the content to a broad audience, while the academic reviewer ensures connection with the current scholarly discourse.

The Current

The publications appearing in the PPJ are first submitted to The Current before entering our pre-publication review process. In addition to submitting original work to the PPJ, The Current allows scholars and community members alike to curate content from around the web related to issues of public concern. the current encourages open discussion of emerging issues and facilitates sharing discourse across communities.