We are pleased to announce the publication of Issue No. 1 of the Public Philosophy Journal! Our initial issue features an article collaboratively written by Danielle Lake, Anne Marie Fauvel, and Lisa Sisson which showcases public philosophy at work in a project aimed at addressing food ethics injustices in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


The editorial essay for volume 1 focuses on the practices of public scholarship as it is embodied in the developmental peer review process of the Public Philosophy Journal.


Working with: Implementing a Feminist Pragmatist Approach in Undergraduate Education to Support Local Food Recovery

Anne Marie Fauvel, Danielle Lake, Lisa Sisson

This article describes how a wicked problems (WP) framework along with a feminist pragmatist methodology are essential for collaborating on wicked food issues in our local communities. This framework encourages stakeholders to recognize the need for collaborative, context-sensitive, and iterative action processes aimed to meliorate current food injustices. The article ultimately provides a series of practical recommendations for others seeking to employ similar boundary-spanning models.

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Practicing Public Scholarship

Christopher Long

Situating the Public Philosophy Journal at the intersection of philosophy and questions of public concern, this essay articulates how the journal hopes to practice public scholarship through a developmental review process designed to create communities capable of enriching public life.

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