Styling Test 04.03.2018

Heading 1This paragraph was composed using the normal styling. The following text has been produced simply to fill the page so that we can see what the paragraph looks like as it stretches across the page. Here’s what happens if we include a link in a paragraph styled using the normal styling: http://www.dailynous.com1. And here’s what happens when we include a footnote.
Heading 2This whole document was formatting using single space, so any line breaks or additional spaces the document were added by the api. Here I’m wondering if you want to email, because I’d like to see what including that email address does to the spacing in this document. And now I’m going to include a block quotation for the sake of seeing how those are formatted in the system:
I’ve used a one inch indent but added no additional spaces to generate this block quotation. Ideally, the system will recognize this as a block quotation and format it by indenting an inch on both sides of the quotation. Thus creating a neat block of text with rigid lines justified lines on each side.
Here I’ve returned to the margin without adding any space between the paragraphs and the block quotation. What does the system make of that? Perhaps I’ll emphasis my point using words italic function.References
Test, Reference. Italics and Bolding Provided by MSWord and this Title goes on Really Long So this Reference Takes up Multiple Lines. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998.
Another, Test. “Reference Made here To See how API handles hanging indents designed by MS word.” The Journal of Information Design 54.3 (1998): 13-98.

Third, Test. “Here I’ve added space between this reference and the previous one to see whether the API is adding extra spaces or if I can Use MS Word to determine the spacing.” Journal of Writing Tests for the Public Philosophy Journal 12.3 (2003): 4-98

Four, Test. Books Written by People Who Want to See how many lines the machine adds to their spacing when they’re trying to use the PPJ. New York: Test Publications, 2032.

A test designed to see how the system responds to MS Word formatting and commands.

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